TALON 'Endurance Series' - Illuminated Solid State Digital Control System

Summit Technologies

  • £715.99

We've taken our flagship product and turned it up to 11 !!!

A redesigned internal illumination board that requires no additional feed to provide permanent and balanced illumination across the entire face of the panel.
With a revised set of 96 see through decals and a new Matt Black / Gloss Black finish, it's perfect for Night Racing or Road Cars.
15 independently programmable switch channels, Integrated Sequential Shift Lights with sweep delay animation, 4 dedicated USB power supplies and inputs for LED dimming and Alarm Modes, there really is NOTHING like the functionality and performance at this price.
Designed alongside a number of Race Teams to perfect and proven in hours of true race conditions, it's built to last !! 
Your Talon Endurance Series comes with Decal Set, Single Plug Loom and User / Fitting Guide.

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