Raptor Button Layout Customisation

Summit Technologies

  • £60.00

Need your Raptor 'RACE' or 'PRO' with a different coloured button layout ?

Do you need your Raptor 'ROAD' with some blank, unprinted buttons ?

We can customise your Raptor Button Layout to suit your requirements, but please read the following terms and conditions as there are some changes that we cannot make.


For Raptor RACE or PRO (With Blank Button Option)....

We can place any of the existing coloured buttons in any position on the board, this includes multiples of the same colour (E.g. All BLACK).

We cannot provide any buttons with printed symbols in this option (i.e. Raptor ROAD Buttons). If you require buttons with printed symbols then you will need to order the Raptor ROAD and apply this customisation purchase option.


For Raptor ROAD or PRO (With IVA Button Option)....

We can replace any of the buttons with another colour of your choice, but we cannot remove the indicators (Left or Right), the Hazard switch, or change their position or colour. These are the only 3 buttons where we cannot change the position.

Every other button can swap position, or be replaced with an unprinted one of your colour choice from the existing colour selection.

Button colours available are;


Please note: We do not make changes to the embedded code in the Receiver Relay for bespoke actions, nor can we manufacture different button symbols or the same symbols on a different colour button.


When this option is purchased, download the CUSTOMISATION SHEET, where you can specify the changes for your purchase and send the form to us. Once approved, the unit will be manufactured from scratch - so please allow sufficient time for us to create your bespoke version. Time from order to receipt for customised Raptors is usually 14 days.

Download the Customisation Sheet.

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