Raptor 'TEMPEST' - Digital Wireless Steering Wheel Buttons

Summit Technologies

  • £569.99

Built on the backbone of our incredibly successful Raptor GP, the Raptor Tempest has all of the robust functionality of the GP but with an OEM look and feel.

The redesigned circuit board is housed in a custom made textured polyurethane rubber pad, finished to an incredibly high standard and designed to fit perfectly onto the frame of the steering wheel.

Hard wearing, incredibly smart looking and waterproof to the point of being submersible, the Raptor Tempest adds that extra level of functionality and finish to your vehicles interior, as well as retaining all of the functionality offered by the Raptor GP.

Fitments are constantly growing to cover a large range of steering wheels. Group buys on steering wheels not listed are very possible from Summit Technologies (Contact us for details). 

Available with either the GP Clubman and GP PRO receiver types.

  •   Button pad is water resistant to the point of SUBMERSIBLE
  •   Available with 56 high quality decals for each switch
  •   Fully Programmable 12v Relay Receiver Module
  •   Momentary, Latching or Flashing Action for each button
  •   Integrated Battery Status LED with power saving logic   
  •   Now with over 3 Years of Battery standby life
  •   Water, Oil and Chemical resistant to IP65 Ratings

The 8 Channel Relay receiver has selectable operational modes for each individual relay. Each switch can react to button presses in the following ways;

  • MOMENTARY ACTION (Press and Hold)
  • LATCHING ACTION (Press once to Lock, Press again to Unlock)
  • FLASHING ACTION (For both Momentary and Latching states) 

These combinations allow you to fully customise the Tempest to suit your application. You can wire the receiver into your vehicle and operate electrical systems such as Headlights, Indicators, ECU Maps, Traction Control, even switching to ground for ECU map changes .... The list is endless !

Like the PRO receiver, our CLUBMAN receiver now contains BOTH VERSIONS of Firmware, so that you can select to use either a fully flexible RACE button layout, or a ROAD layout with Indicator and Hazard light cancellation logic.

The flash rate for the Race Version of the Tempest has been set at 4hz (4 times per second). This gives you a nice rate for a 'Flash to Pass' option when the system is connected to your Race Car Headlights. The ROAD version of the firmware has a flash rate of 2hz (Twice per second), allowing for UK IVA compliant indicator and hazard flashing rates.

In the box you receive the Raptor Tempest Transmitter Pad, the 8 Channel Relay Receiver, 1 x Wiring Loom, a High Quality Decal sheet, 1 x CR2032 Button Cell Battery and a set of Installation Instructions. Additional batteries and Wiring Looms are available to purchase separately if required.


Even if your steering wheel is not listed, it is possible that one of our Tempest Pads will fit your steering wheel if it is a similar shape and dimension. Download and print our sizing guide to check.

>> DOWNLOAD AND PRINT our Sizing Guide here <<

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